Argan Oil Benefits hair due to its rich combination of vitamin E, anti-oxidants and fatty acids, pure Argan Oil effectively restores hair and skin elasticity, enriched in vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial for skin and hair. Prevent premature aging and repair hair damage in a few applications.

Argan oil comes mainly from Morocco, from the fruit of the argan tree: a large almond species that is left to dry in the sun to extract it, because it is where the seeds hide. These "almonds" are roasted and transformed into a paste that, once handled, becomes oil.

It takes a lot of seeds to produce the oil, hence it is known as the liquid gold of Morocco and is so precious. The exact amount is 100 kilos of fruit for 1 liter of oil. Surprised?

The therapeutic benefits of argan oil in hair, body and skin care have already been demonstrated, that is why this product, increasingly precious, is part of the essential components of numerous cosmetic treatments. It is suitable for any type of skin, facial and body, but it is also beneficial for hair and nails.

Argan oil is best used for the face, body and hair, but it is in this last one that has had the most success, because it provides shine, softness, strengthens the scalp, restores, hydrates and gives a very good control of the volume. Another characteristic of Argan Oil benefits in hair is that it helps to straighten the hair from the roots to the tips in a natural way, so it is ideal for those that have frizz, excess volume or that constantly fight against their indomitable curls, besides combating the effect of frizzy hair, giving it strength.

Argan oil for the face and body

Both the face and the rest of the body, the oil will leave the skin soft, hydrated and silky. In winter, it relieves irritations such as eczema or cracked areas and also some burns. Prevents skin aging and is a good solution to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Argan oil for nails

If your nails are broken, fragile and bend easily, strengthen them and add them with argan oil. In addition, they will be protected from external aggressions. Once you have your nails fully hydrated and nourished, your most daring manicures will look much better.

Argan oil for hair

If you use Argan Oil daily, the hair will recover all its splendor. Its properties are beneficial for both the hair and the scalp, which will also restore its vitality. In summer Argan can be used as a product to rehydrate dry hair after a sun exposure or a day at the beach.

Argan Oil for curly hair: if your hair is difficult to comb and very frizzy, put some of this oil when combing. You will see how it will be easier to tame it!

Argan Oil for split ends: if you notice that your hair is somewhat battered and has split ends, you do not have to cut it. Only apply argan oil every day at the tips to see how after a short time it looks visibly healthier.

Argan Oil for dandruff: if you have dry scalp you can suffer from dandruff, itching or irritation, but if you put some argan oil in your hair before going to bed and wash it the next day you will notice a great improvement with the passing of days .

  • It nourishes your hair and gives it strength and flexibility.
  • Restores hair damaged by the use of irons and dryers.
  • Repairs dry hair and split ends
  • Eliminate frizz.
  • Helps fight dandruff caused by dry scalp.
  • Prolong the life of the tone of your tint.
  • Untangle
  • Rejuvenates
  • Protects from the sun's ultraviolet rays.
  • Brings shine and softness

The Argan Oil in hair products can be found in Shampoo, Conditioners, serum, treatments, masks, leave in conditioner, etc. Always find the best Argan Oil shampoo without sulfates or parabens.
In our cosmetic line we offer the complete capillary line based on argan oil such as shampoo, conditioner, serum and masks and leave in conditioners.

argan oil benefits in hair

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