Vitamin C Eye gel with hyaluronic acid, amino acids and E complex for the day and night. A gentle and effective eye gel for the eye area to revitalize, firm, hydrate, and turn back the clock treatment. Helps brighten under eye circles for a noticeable improvement in their appearance. In addition, Vitamin C Eye Gel provides eye-brightening benefits, it’s also loaded with anti-aging actives like amino acid complex and vitamin E that helps defend against environmental aggressors and anti-wrinkle ingredients like hyaluronic acid smooth creases and crow’s-feet. Our Vitamin C Eye Gel is formulated with the highest concentration of vitamin C for radiant eyes. 70% organic. Unscented. 
Vitamina C en Gel para los ojos con ácido hialurónico, complejos amino acidos y E para el día y la noche. Un tratamiento suave y eficaz para el contorno de los ojos para revitalizar, reafirmar, hidratar y dar marcha atrás al reloj. Tratamiento formulado con la mas alta concentracion de vitamina C para ojos radiantes. 70% ORGÁNICO. Sin fragancia.
  • High Potent Vitamin C Eye Gel
  • Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Amino Acids Complex and Vitamin E
  • Free of Fragrance and Parabens
  • Use day and night

Vitamin C for the face brings luminosity and is a fantastic antioxidant, is an excellent treatment not only for face but for your eyes to bring back its luminosity and a much clearer look. One of the great benefits of Vitamin C in skin care is in the eye area.

Products such as Vitamin C eye gel is an excellent choice, it has the power to stimulate the fibers that participate in providing you having a smooth skin and a more youthful appearance. Increases collagen production, by delaying the signs of aging, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, provides a much clearer and brighter eye area. Stimulation of the production of collagen found in Vitamin C will provide you with a smoother skin, a more natural and beautiful coloration.

Personally I prefer Vitamin C Eye Gel because it is very easy to apply and the skin absorbs the product very quickly. They do not usually leave a trace and are quite concentrated. The Vitamin C gel online can be obtained at a very low price, it is very accessible and at a very economical price.