Benefits of Coffee Fruit in Skin and Hair

Did you know that coffee ranks sixth in the ranking of foods with more antioxidants, specially for its benefits of coffee fruit in skin and hair!

The fruit of coffee is known as coffee fruit, coffee cascara, coffee peel or coffee husk! So Yes! Coffee is a Fruit! the bean inside of the coffee fruit is what used in our Coffee morning drinks, the husk (the pulp or the peel) is the one ingredient we are learning today! The history of this fascinating ingredient is important to learn especially for those who are helping to conserve and maintain the environment free of pollution and waste.

There is lots of information we already know about coffee, however, until now the benefits and the process that allowed the use of coffee fruit are still unknown to many, so Coffee Peel or Husk is generally discarded, generating high rates of contamination in water sources. Yes, did you know that typically more than 50% of the coffee fruit is discarded? Pulp, mucilage, and parchment often end up in the landfill, causing contamination of nearby lands. Learn More

We couldn’t be more thankful with science in discovering more and more benefits on this amazing ingredient the Coffee Fruit. The Benefits of Coffee Fruit in skin and Hair are countless because of its antioxidant content, it has 625 more antioxidants than blueberries. This means that in beauty products is extremely beneficial for color protection, anti-aging, hair repair, hair growth.

Similar to many fruits Coffee Berries contains a high concentration of polyphenols and chlorogenic acid; for its nutritional antioxidants benefits help prevent the damage that occurs from free radicals and oxidative stress, two of the causes of skin and hair aging.

Polyphenols naturally protect plants from the strong, damaging UV rays of the sun. We can also protect our skin and hair from free radical damaged, the antioxidants are a key ingredient to promote hair growth and scalp health, protect our skin and hair color and keep it healthy, because polyphenols can help repair and rejuvenate your skin and hair.

Coffee Fruit - DELUGE

It is the cherries, the fruit of the coffee tree, which provide these natural antioxidants, which are maintained regardless of what method we prepare our coffee with.

That is why we use this wonderful ingredient in the cosmetic in hair and skin care products, either as an excipient (preservative, flavoring) or as an active compound (antioxidant, anti-cellulite), helping to achieve a pH closer to that of the skin.

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