What is Coffee Fruit

What is Coffee Fruit!

Coffee Fruit and Beans

Many people do not know what is Coffee Fruit and where it comes from! Some people call it Coffee Fruit, Coffee Cascara, Coffee Husk, Coffee Peel, they are all the same.

There is lots of information we already know about coffee, however, until now the benefits and the process that allowed the use of coffee co-products are unknown, so they are generally discarded, generating high rates of contamination in water sources.

Did you know that typically more than 50% of the coffee fruit is discarded? Pulp, mucilage, and parchment often end up in the landfill, causing, due to the high caffeine content, contamination of nearby lands.

Coffee Fruit- DELUGE farm

Not only the coffee husk is discarded; they also discard the water that is contaminated during the coffee production process. This water is high in nutrients, but that is not in a good way. This creates serious environmental problems, as it often returns to natural water sources, which are supersaturated with nutrients. The final result? An increase in algae contamination.

The truth is that our favorite beverage is causing major environmental damage in producing countries. And not only is it unpleasant to know, but it goes against the spirit of specialty coffee.

The large quantities of these materials that are generated during coffee processing cause a huge environmental problem and represent a clear risk of contamination in producing countries. Hence the need to treat them, value them and propose economically viable technological solutions.

Thanks to this new trend, more and more producers are not disposing of their crops. Before, it was used as fertilizer but much ended up in the riverbeds, polluting the environment. In this way, farmers have found a way to make their crops more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Recent studies have shown that the fruit of coffee or coffee husk is highly antioxidant. Being from the same coffee, its properties are similar to those of coffee, with a minimum percentage of caffeine, but with higher antioxidant content. Coffee fruit contains 625 times more antioxidant than Blueberry. The peel does not have the same coffee flavor, because it is rather fruity. Some say it is similar to Jamaican and red fruits. There are those who mention that their complementary flavors become vanilla, wood and cocoa.

Today, we are finding more ways to incorporate Coffee Fruit into our Cosmetic Formulations, we must take advantage of the amazing benefits it brings to our beauty products!

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