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Coffee to the rescue of humanity once again! Not only does it help keep us awake throughout our work day, help us start off our mornings right, and taste wonderful no matter how you best enjoy it, but medical science has also noted another stunning breakthrough with humanity's favorite bean and that is its ability to help reduce the appearance of cellulite! Unfortunately due to the nature of cellulite, coffee is not a cure but rather a treatment. Cellulite is not just skin deep but goes all the way down through the layers to the fat layer. The coffee treatment is useful for treating the appearance of cellulite at the surface level. That being said it is still a cheap and neat treatment for those interested in reducing the appearance. So how does this magic bean do it?




Unfortunately drinking coffee is not the magic bullet for reducing cellulite but the utilization of fresh coffee beans rubbed on the skin helps stimulate dilation of your blood vessels. This dilation is an important factor in helping reduce the noticeable appearance of cellulite as the dilation of your blood vessels serves to improve muscle tone and toughness. As your skin tones, you will notice the appearance of the cellulite waning. Fresh grounds are always better than old or used grounds for this particular purpose as the fresh grounds have a higher caffeine content. If you want to get coffee beans that are the most effective, then finding the ones highest in their caffeine content to rub on your cellulite may be the way for you to go for an all organic and holistic method of cellulite treatment.




This treatment is two-fold and not only does it require the caffeine of fresh coffee beans, but it also requires a bit of a vigorous rubbing motion to help stimulate blood flow to the area. Between the two pronged attack of caffeine helping to dilate along with the rubbing motion which brings greater circulation and blood flow, this coffee bean-based cellulite treatment is not just affordable, and will ensure that you smell like your favorite coffee, it's also effective. To ensure that you're rubbing the coffee grounds has the desired effect, many individuals mix their grounds with a little bit of olive oil so the grounds have greater cohesion while you rub and coat your skin with it. This helps to ensure that the dry grounds do not simply fall off but that you received the benefits of the coffee.


How long?


The big question of course is how effective is it? And how long will it last? Well there is some good news for both. The treatment is very effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite. Of course rubbing coffee beans on your legs, arms, or stomach will not be able to eliminate the appearance entirely, but it can help to significantly reduce it in some individuals. Not only that, but the treatment is often effective for up to a week. This means that if you wanted to get rid of the appearance of cellulite for a special beach day or photoshoot, then this is a great organic way of doing that.