Recently we see how cosmetic manufacturers are inclined more towards creating cosmetics without fragrances. Cosmetic products without fragrance are definitely a new trend nowadays in the demands of consumers, especially when it comes to products for the face and body.

Customers today are more in favor of their beauty products for both face and body that do not interfere with the fragrance of their perfumes they are using, so they only perceive a single smell, this is one among other several preferential reasons of consumers.

In this blog I'm going to talk about one of our body care products like our famous body butter "UNSCENTED". It is worth to discuss more in depth and detail in this blog some of the ingredients of this product that can influence the change of its appearance and therefore unquestionably gives a touch of smell to the final formulation.

Our "UNFRAGRANCED BODY BUTTER" is formulated free of fragrances, what I mean by this is that it does not have any type of additive or extras or masking ingredients this allows it to be completely free of fragrances. The smell that you may perceive when using this product is the result of the ingredients it contains such as:
- Refined Shea Butter (nutty to similar to Crisco® or shortening)
- Botanical complex extracts (calendula, chamomile, rose).
- Avocado Oil - Nutty smell
- Grape seed oil - Grapeseed oil has a very faint, sweet scent.
- Jojoba Oil - It has a slightly earthy smell.
- Olive Oil - Smells like fresh green or ripe olives, has a pungent, fruity smell.

As you will notice in this product there is a great variety of natural oils and shea butter, which adds to the formulation that natural fragrance that comes from each added ingredient.

Rest assure that our UNSCENTED Body Butter can be used by all skin types and people with sensitive skin.

Our UNSCENTED Body Butter is really one of my favorites. I personally do not use perfumes, after turning 48 years old, some strong perfumes give me allergies. However, I use body lotions and creams with fragrance from time to time, but not daily.

In my opinion products without fragrances are very personal, there are those who prefer to use them without fragrances, as there are those who choose fragrances.

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