Hello! my name is Clara Madrid, founder of DELUGE Cosmetics. Today I dedicate this blog in gratitude to those people who have been so kind to take a little of their time and write reviews on Amazon and social networks about our DELUGE COSMETICS products. I want to thank each and every one of you for referring our products; although, you receive nothing in return, however, you take your time to write your opinions and experiences about our DELUGE products that you have purchased and use on a daily routine. I also want to thank all those people who recommend our products to friends and family.
Personally, I am excited to know that our DELUGE Cosmetics brand is doing well and that each product satisfies the needs and expectations of each DELUGE Cosmetics consumer.
I thank God for your lives. Let each day be the best day of the rest of your days.
Please do not forget to take into account the biblical verses that are on the back of the label of each product.
May God bless your family and loved ones.

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