Collagen in Hair Benefits

Collagen is an essential molecule with a structural role in many parts of the body such as skin, ligaments, cartilage, joints or hair. This substance is a fibrous protein that connects the connective tissues. Collagen is responsible for giving firmness and elasticity to various organs. The hair and nails provide shine and strengthen them. Likewise, it has a leading role in the hydration of many parts of the body. In addition, there are many types of collagen, approximately twenty. The type of collagen found in the capillary strand is type V.

In beauty, this compound acts on the skin, making it firmer and elastic, which is why it is widely used in the field of cosmetic surgery. And if we talk about hair, collagen works as a restorative, providing softness, volume, elasticity, uniformity and firmness. Collagen restores and regenerates hair, and stimulates its production. Strengthens the hair follicle, nourishes the hair and protects it during drying.

As the years pass, its synthesis begins to fail, which negatively influences the cellular regeneration of various tissues that need it. Therefore, in this article you will know the benefits of a collagen treatment for hair, the different ways of taking it and other details that you will be interested to know.

A large part of the population suffers hair loss at advanced ages. It is something that affects both women and men and, often, the reason lies in a lack of collagen.

How to know if your hair needs collagen?

There are some symptoms or conditions that are obvious and indicate that the time has come to include more collagen in your body to improve the hair. A brittle, brittle, falling, dandruff or dehydrated mane sends a clear signal about the loss of this protein. Normally we produce the right amount of collagen up to 23 years of age, and from there it decreases. So, when we step into the forties, our organism makes only half. Therefore, a loss of elasticity and vitality in the hair begins to be noticed.

If you have collagen deficiency, be assured that your hair will be affected, you will feel that the roots weaken and that it falls out in tufts. To alleviate this symptom, we must incorporate collagen to our body, either based on shampoos and masks or through supplements such as pills and capsules.

If this is happening to you and you try a treatment, after a few weeks you will notice how the hair grows faster, stronger, has more shine, better volume and no longer looks dry and worn.

There are many ways to consume hydrolyzed collagen, but there are mainly two types according to their form of intake:

Oral route: capsules and pills that you can buy at the pharmacy or at a specialized nutrition store. Consult a professional first and read the instructions carefully.

Topical route: consists of the use of shampoos and hair masks made with hydrolyzed collagen. If what you want is to benefit your hair, the best thing is this option, because the protein comes in direct contact with the area to be treated.

We recommend you to acquire both forms to obtain therefore a synergic effect and therefore enhance its action. We also recommend that the shampoo, mask or serum you buy is also enriched with keratin, which has also shown to be of vital importance in hair growth.

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