Orange peel helps clarify dark spots

Orange Peel in Skin: Orange Peel has a higher content of vitamin C than the fruit, it is a great antioxidant and maintains our natural skin oil levels balanced.

The orange symbolizes health and happiness. It is one of the most used fruits for the care of the skin in treatments of anti-aging, dark spots, acne among others.
Usually when we consume the orange, we discard the peel or we use it like fertilizer for our plants. However, when we discard it we are not taking advantage of its fascinating properties that the orange peel provides to our skin.

DELUGE has incorporated the orange peel in the Vitamin C Dried Orange Peel Body and Face Scrub. The Orange Peel provides great virtues to our skin, it contains antioxidant agents, it is brightening, balances skin tone and lightens the spots, reduces acne and helps eliminate blackheads.

Benefits of Orange Peel in Skin Care:

√ The natural oils present in the orange peel hydrates skin.
√ Orange Peel has a high content of citric acid which is effective for the treatment of acne.
√ Because of its high content of citric acid, orange peel helps to clarify age spots and sun spots.
√ Due to its high content of Vitamin C it helps to improve skin texture and color.
√ It is effective in extracting blackheads from the skin.

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