I am here today to talk about our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil, as you may have read the previous blog, we talked about the benefits of coffee before training. For those who have not read about the benefits of drinking coffee before your exercises here is the post "BENEFITS OF COFFEE BEFORE TRAINING".


I think that this method is definitely an excellent option for those people that coffee does not cause any effect, since there are some people that coffee causes cardiac arrhythmia, because of its high content of caffeine, it has exciting effects that stimulate the nervous system, that is why it is not suitable for people with heart disease.

In this blog, I will bring you our best alternative to make our exercise time more beneficial with our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil and thus burn more calories and have more energy during the training time.

Our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil infused in coffee beans, make this an excellent combination to benefit your exercise routine to the fullest. The anti-cellulite oil massage oil with coffee beans is applied in the areas where the skin cells make their removals difficult such as in the hips, abdomen and upper thighs. You may use it before your exercise routine by applying it in the areas need it or as a regular massage oil.

Apart from being a great ally in the reduction of fat, our anti-cellulite massage oil with coffee beans will help you tone your skin, recover its appearance, revitalize and create an antioxidant barrier, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Our Massage Oil with Coffee Beans has a powerful cooling and warming sensation formula stimulates blood flow, reduces cellulite and unwanted fat on the abdomen, buttock, hips, and thighs, tightens, and tones. Helps to eliminate fluid retention and toxins. Effective formula also helps relieve sore muscles. Makes skin irresistibly soft.

    1. Combats Cellulite
    2. Anti-Inflammatory
    3. Tightens and Tones
    4. Improves Circulation
    5. Moisturizes skin
    6. Relieves sore muscles.
    7. Coffee Beans infused

Use our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil correctly, this could be your great ally in your daily beauty and exercise routine, as it contains 100% natural ingredients that help burn fat and reduce cellulite. The nutrients it provides penetrate the skin in the desired area, increases blood flow and produces a lymphatic drainage that will help you lose that unwanted fat. Usually, the oils have a penetration capacity greater than that of a cream, since they have the power to moisturize the area better because they create a barrier effect.

Although our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil with Coffee Beans has reducing and anti-cellulite properties it is important to clarify that it is not a miraculous cosmetic, like thousands of others in the market, it is simply a complementary aid that together with Exercises and a healthy diet will help you reduce the accumulated fat in your body and reduce cellulite.

Because of the essential oil blends of Peppermint, Camphor, Ginger, Juniper, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Orange, Basil, Rosmary and many others infused in Coffee Beans for months makes this massage oil a unique formula for many uses: It is great for before workout and post workout routine. We called it Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil because of the amazing benefits Coffee Beans brings to our skin. Aside from been a massage oil for sore muscles relaxant, it helps in the treatment of Cellulite! So it has a two in one action!


For best results apply the oil to the localized area in circular motions and moderate pressure for 5-10 minutes, every day and night as desired. Our massage oil is also great for before your workout routine to burn fat.

AS A MASSAGE OIL FOR SORE MUSCLES: Organic oil that helps relieve muscle and joint pain. The most healthier alternative for the everyday aches every one experiences from time to time in life.

BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE: Apply oil before your workout routine, as it helps target unwanted fat tissue, improves the blood circulation and reduces the cellulite stored effectively. The coffee beans in our anti cellulite body oil are naturally full of inflammatory properties, helping to improve circulation of the blood, ease pain, and protect nerves.

Estheticians love to use it as a massage oil as it also provides a long gliding and effective massage that is not necessary to continuously re-apply.

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