Massage Oil With Coffee for Cellulite Treatment

Coffee is a great stimulant and for many people, it is essential to start with energy every morning, this is something that we all know and has no discussion. But what we may not know is the excellent properties that caffeine have on our skin. The stimulating effects of coffee will benefit us especially when it comes to eliminating toxins and fats and also when it comes to getting a smoother skin.

The main properties that coffee will give us on the skin are its detoxifying and diuretic effects. Its first uses were for mesotherapy treatments, where it was discovered that the effect of caffeine on varicose veins was really good and helped to improve leg circulation and at the same time prevented the appearance of new varicose veins. From that moment on, the properties of coffee and caffeine began to be studied more closely, resulting in various treatments with coffee as a star ingredient.

Most of these treatments were focused on combating cellulite, where it has also been demonstrated its benefits; cellulite affects all women of all ages, regardless of their size and skin type or color. Coffee, or more specifically, caffeine, helps break fat cells easier, reactivates circulation and increases the levels of fat burning molecules with a powerful lipolytic effect, becoming one of the best natural anti-cellulite.

Coffee is popularly recognized as the # 1 enemy of cellulite, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to improve blood circulation, reaffirms and tones the skin. It is also full of antioxidants, which can help fight against free radicals in the skin, boost collagen production, and boost the immune system. Coffee is full of herbal remedies that are good for maintaining healthy skin.

Caffeine is an active ingredient used in many skin care and cellulite treatments. The amazing benefits of coffee on skin is reducing cellulite, this is so because the caffeine in coffee dehydrates fatty cells, causing the cellulite to appear diminished and making your skin look much smoother.

Massage with Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil with Coffee Beans helps eliminate cellulite, because it activates circulation and eliminates the deposits of fat that accumulates in any muscle tissue, such as buttocks and legs.

If we apply it locally, on the orange peel skin, the coffee releases properties that help the body to take off and get rid of excess fats from the body.
Massage with Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil with is the best allies to improve our blood circulation and reactivate the lymphatic drainage. And how to deny it? There is nothing more relaxing and stimulating at the same time that one of these massages, whether in the legs, head or neck ... relieves pains, tensions, muscle stiffness, also allowing us to avoid fluid retention and lower the level of hormones of stress. Do not hesitate, if you perform this massage on your thighs daily you will see how little by little we are reducing the incidence of cellulite. But yes, we must be constant, do it in the morning and at night every day.

Steps of anti-cellulite massage oil

1. The first thing is to take a shower, the skin should be clean and free of impurities. Ideally, in the area of the legs and calves, you let fall a stream of fresh water, to thus, reactivate the circulation in case you have varicose veins.

2. We are going to the area of leg muscles. By hand you will already have the Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil with Coffee. Put a good part in your hands to warm it up.

3. We will start the massage from the bottom up, that is, from the calves to the area of the thighs. The ideal is to always go towards the ever ascending heart, thus favoring circulation. We are going to have more impact in the area that goes from the knee to the thighs, since that is where our cellulite is concentrated.

4. The movements should be long and slow, and then we go up to the stomach, in case you also have some fat accumulated here as well. But remember, in our gut the massage will be circular and smooth.

5. In this self-massage we will use the palm of both hands and also the knuckles. It is important, because with the knuckles and fingertips we can exert a little more force and a little pressure (but be careful, we should not feel pain). The movements will be long and circular, making the odd pinch on the skin, picking it up and then stretching it with the help of the index finger and thumb. It is very effective

6. If there is any area that you can not reach or where it is difficult for you to correctly perform the massage, you can use a specific wooden brush for leg massage. They are adequate and favor circulation.

7. As you can see it is a very easy massage, but the key is to be constant: morning and afternoon every day. Try to follow a healthy diet where there are plenty of fluids, antioxidants and fruits, and also do some exercise a day, even half an hour. How about if you start today?

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