For some years more and more people have become aware of the importance of using natural products. Allergies to chemical products, greater awareness of the benefits of plants and minerals and commitment to the environment, are just some of the factors that make more and more women and men who are inclined towards natural cosmetics as opposed to industrial caring for your skin.

Many times we associate natural and organic products such as those products made at home with ingredients used in the kitchen such as natural oils, sugar, yogurt, coffee, etc., and although these elements are fabulous options to nourish and regenerate the skin, the truth is that if we value the comfort and ease of use are not comparable with cosmetic products to which we are accustomed. It is not the same to apply on the skin a white cream that smells clean than a crushed banana mask.

DELUGE cosmetics goes beyond what you can do at home as this involves procedures to follow, rigorous guidelines that must be carried out in all formulations, such as texture, viscosity, function, appearance, properties that support the final product, also taking in consideration the level of moisturization and hydration in the skin, percentages of ingredients and active ingredients that make a balanced formulation, preservatives to extend the life of the final product and prevent the proliferation of bacteria, among others.

Natural Cosmetics: Greater long-term effectiveness

That is why DELUGE Cosmetics produces its 100% natural products, free of parabens and abrasive chemicals to the skin. We use natural products composed of fatty acids very similar to human sebum, of essential nutrients for the correct cellular regeneration of the skin, and of trace elements and/or nutrients that contribute to delay aging and strengthen our immune system. When we use natural ingredients, the response to certain conditions may not be (although often it is) so fast in the short term, but we are making sure to introduce elements similar to our cellular composition in our organism.

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